Powerflor is a fully integrated cabling solution and more than just another raised floor. We use pre-manufactured electrical, communication, and audio visual cabling and outlets combined with our pre-carpeted floor panels to provide you with the most adaptive cable solution available today. Access to entire cable runs allows for easy service, upgrades, or changes and the ability to easily relocate outlets providing connectivity that can evolve to meet any needs you have or will have. A complete system, from a single source, that can evolve with your needs.

POWERFLOR Installation

Once the Powerflor arrives at the site, the panels are staggered by stacking the floor panels across the area of the installation. Once this is complete, a foam underlay is rolled out onto the floor to prevent the panels from shifting. Floor panels are then placed tightly next to each other starting from the corner of the install area. Full panels are placed into the area leaving open area only where full panels will not fit. Leaving these areas for edge panels and cut panels. Once the room is filled, edge panels are cut to fit the remainder of the room and pre-glued carpet panels are placed on these cut panels.

Powerflor Cable Management Systems provide complete electrical outlet/branch circuit and communication outlet/horizontal cabling systems, integrated with a horizontal chaseway. All power and communication system components are modular and pre-terminated, with pressure connections. All outlets are flush mounted to a fixed height chaseway floor system, and all components are installed unattached to the building structure.